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Music Videos

We’re always listening to great music at the Silver Screen Pictures office and we love creating brilliant ideas and concepts for bands, artists, singers, singer/songwriters, we are for you check out the catalogue of clips for yourself!
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From concept – to scripting, treatments and storyboards, our goal is to deliver the highest quality corporate video product to suit your budget. We are all about transmitting your message to the world, understanding your audience and making video content for our corporate and commercial clients that stands out, cuts through and leaves a lasting impression on your customers and clients.
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Working in documentary is the most rewarding and enriching experience for filmmakers. The stories we make, engage audiences across all platforms and inspire people to understand more about he world around them.
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Short Films

Creating short films is a great way to hone your craft and tell those little stories and ideas that you have had from past experiences. We like quirky, off-beat, fun films that can make you laugh, giggle and retort happiness.
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